Michelle H.

Fear Free Certified

Practice Manager


Michelle grew up in Burleson, Texas, where she met and fell in love with her husband in 8th grade! They raised their two sons in Joshua, Texas, and after they both graduated. She and her husband decided they wanted to live on the lake. Michelle joined our team 2 years ago after searching for a facility that would allow her to pursue nursing school while still being able to teach and share knowledge with others. She began working in the veterinary field after being laid off. She stumbled upon a Receptionist Position and slowly worked her way into the technician role, and realized her calling was to help pets and their owners.

Michelle has two dogs of her own: Lucy, a boxer that is “allergic to life” but would not hurt a fly. She actually helped train their newest family member to sit by taking her paw and pushing his rump down so they could both get the treat. Timon, the newest member, is a chihuahua adopted from Friends for Animals here in Granbury, and he is absolutely in love with Lucy. “Every so often, he will look at me and bark to remind me, ’She is still outside, mom!’”

Michelle loves to learn new things and challenge herself. In her spare time, she loves to find the beauty in things and enhance it. For example, remodeling houses, redoing furniture and bringing plants back to life from the clearance section. She also has a passion for developing other people, helping them find their strengths, and growing them so that they can help other people as well. Michelle’s favorite part of working in the veterinary field is assisting with emergencies and critical care patients and teaching others how to handle those situations as well.

“I searched and found a home here where the owners of the business, doctors, and staff truly care. Not only for the pets and their owners but for the staff as well.”