Seamus C.

Veterinary Assistant

Hello, I'm Seamus, a kennel tech who joined the practice in August after spotting a fitting opening at AVG. My natural affinity for the medical field and love for animals led me here, sparked by a teenage experience with a water dragon. Unfortunately, my attempt to enrich its environment ended tragically, motivating me to learn and improve my animal care skills.

In my four months with the practice, I've found joy in walking dogs and taking vitals, ensuring our patients' well-being. Hailing from Pendleton, Oregon, my upbringing was shaped by family and interests in philosophy, psychology, and poetry, with Nietzsche and Marcus Aurelius as key influences.

At home, I share space with two cats, Hope and Noir, who bring joy with their unique personalities. Writing poems and short stories since high school provides a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. Reflecting on a past school band event, I showcased resilience, a trait beneficial in my role as a kennel tech.