Shelby T.

CVA, Fear Free

Technician Assistant

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Hello, I'm Shelby, a dedicated Technician Assistant at Acton since August 2023, with a unique bond formed from a history with the clinic. The team had once been my lifeline during a difficult period with my pet, creating a connection that drew me back to this nurturing environment. Choosing a career in veterinary care was driven by the daily challenges that make this field so intellectually stimulating and rewarding. Each day, I embrace opportunities to learn and experience new facets of veterinary practice.

One pivotal event that touched my heart involved my personal dog, Tye, a big black lab who was my constant companion growing up. Enduring the countless plastic stethoscopes in his face, Tye passed away suddenly in old age. Through his companionship, I cultivated a deep love and passion that has remained unwavering. Joining Acton in August 2023, my joy in this role is fueled by the incredible team that surrounds me. Despite the inevitable hardships, their laughter and support keep me going. Orthopedics is a favorite aspect of my practice, with the diversity in injuries and prognoses always presenting unique challenges. Wellness visits, on the other hand, allow me to socialize with owners and ensure that the visit is as happy as possible for our furry patients.

Originally from Abilene, Texas, I had a nomadic upbringing due to my parents' active-duty military service. My parents, Brenna and Jimmy, were unwavering supporters of my pursuits, including my love for animals. Growing up surrounded by numerous dogs, my pets became significant influences, shaping my commitment to helping voiceless animals. At home, I share my life with Stetson Rein, a cuddly rabbit with a penchant for speed, and Lucy, an older kitty who adores sunbathing and catnip parties. Achieving my CVA certification is a personal triumph that I wear proudly, showcasing my dedication to the field. Outside of work, wakeboarding is my passion, offering a rush of adrenaline and a sense of freedom. The climax of this hobby was just the beginning, propelling my desire to succeed, a motivation that continues to drive me forward. Among the many fond memories with the clinic team, the day I got certified stands out as the most special. Their support and celebration made me feel truly valued and appreciated.