The purpose of this position is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care for our patients.

The primary duty of the veterinarian is to ensure top-notch care for our patients. This includes delivering excellent medical and surgical treatments while paying close attention to details. The vet should adeptly handle emergencies, maintain a calm demeanor, and offer exceptional customer service by showing genuine care for our patients. Collaboration with the team and effective communication with both pet owners and staff members are also crucial. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Tasks include, but are not limited to: diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. Considerable independent judgment is used to make decisions in carrying out assignments, having a significant impact on service. 

Primary Responsibilities

Patient and Client Care

  • Performs routine medical examinations, selects appropriate and cost-effective diagnostic procedures, and establishes appropriate therapeutic protocols.
  • Performs routine and specialized surgeries. Asks for advice or assistance when necessary.
  • Recommends and uses medically appropriate and cost-effective laboratory testing to assist in establishing diagnosis. Possesses knowledge to interpret these tests properly.
  • Establishes thorough and accurate treatment plans.
  • Treats animals humanely and shows compassion and concern for patient well-being. 

Client Relations

  • Actively listens to clients. Communicates clearly so clients understand treatment recommendations. Expresses empathy and compassion.
  • Keeps clients satisfied. Communicates in such a way as to show clients that they have received good value for the cost of services rendered. 
  • Demonstrates concern for the welfare of patients by following up with the clients.

Medical Records

  • Maintains accurate records. Uses SOAP templates for treatment plans and recommendations.
  • Completes case records in a timely fashion. 

Leadership and Management

  • Follows the established rules and policies that govern the normal operation of the hospital.
  • Communicates the practice’s objectives to the team. Motivates staff and helps build and maintain morale. Maintains core values and standards.
  • Demonstrates “take-charge” capabilities. Takes an active role in hospital staff meetings.
  • Promotes a cooperative working environment. Understands the value of teamwork, and enthusiastically and willingly performs as necessary to help the hospital function as a unit.

Personal Conduct

  • Adheres to all hospital policies, standards, and procedures, including but not limited to uniforms, grooming, smoking, and personal calls, as stated in the hospital procedures manual. 
  • Serves as a representative of the hospital, displaying courtesy, tact, consideration, and a positive attitude in all interactions with clients, patients, and other staff members.
  • Demonstrates initiative in everyday duties by seeking other work during down times, assisting other employees, and filling in for other employees as needed. 
  • Adheres to the posted work schedule. Arrives for work promptly and begins work at the start time. 
  • Organizes work area and exercises time-management skills to maximize personal efficiency.
  • Prioritizes tasks and handles multiple tasks in a calm, organized manner. 

Additional Duties

  • Attends departmental and team meetings


  • Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine or equivalent, licensed in Texas
  • DEA license
  • APHIS accreditation
  • Knowledge of spelling and meaning of commonly used veterinary medical terminology and procedures. 
  • Ability to complete assigned tasks in the time allotted without direct supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to show empathy toward clients and treat animals with respect and compassion.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • A commitment to outstanding client service.
  • Ability to lift objects weighing 30 pounds without assistance and objects weighing more than 30 pounds with assistance.
  • Ability to stay on task and work energetically for entire shift, sometimes exceeding 10 hours per day.
  • Ability to maintain clear and accurate records and to charge clients for all products and services rendered.


This job description is a summary of typical functions of the position, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks, and duties. The responsibilities, tasks and duties of this position might differ from those outlined in the job description and other duties, as assigned, might be part of the job to meet business needs.

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