The Benefits of Pet Spay and Neuters

It’s important to spay or neuter your pet regardless of their age. Lengthen their life by using our spay or neuter services, and keep the animal overpopulation problem at bay. Spaying and neutering prevents a barrage of health problems for your new furry bundle of joy or an older pet you may have adopted. Our full-service veterinary hospital in Granbury will take great care by using a straightforward, caring approach. We use state-of-the-art technology to make the procedure as simple and easy on you and your pet as possible. Plus, we take great pride in letting you know exactly what to expect and how your pet’s behavior will be changed for the better.

Pet spay and neuter will prevent many problems for you and your pet from aggressive and roaming behavior to cancer. Female pets can develop uterine infections and breast tumors, and males can develop testicular cancer. Other issues that can develop include:

  • Male pets can have issues with their prostate.
  • Female pets go into heat and can become lost or hit by cars.
  • Female pets can have numerous pregnancies.
  • Male cats will spray urine around your yard and in your house to mark their territory.
  • Male pets will mount objects or other animals and potentially start an altercation with other animals.

What to expect during surgery:

Your pet goes home with you the same day after a spay or neuter service and we’ll call you when they’re ready to be back safely in your arms. They are closely monitored during the procedure by looking at their heart and respiratory rate, temperature, and oxygen level. Your pet’s comfort is always a top priority at Acton Veterinary Group, because as pet lovers ourselves—we know how much they mean to you. Instead of making a spay or neuter scary for you and your pet, we make it comfortable. During surgery prep to recovery, we love them like you do. We’re always here for the Granbury community at Acton Veterinary Group! Don’t hesitate to contact Acton Animal Hospital at (817) 904-9719 or Morgan Street Animal Hospital at (817) 242-9638 to find out answers to any questions or concerns you may have.

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