Megan S.

CVA, Fear Free Certified

Veterinary Technician

badge badge

Megan grew up in Lipan, Texas, and came to work at Acton Animal Hospital 2 years ago. Megan’s love of working in the veterinary field stemmed from working on a farm with her family. Megan told us of the moment that really solidified her desire to work with animals. “I think what made my heart fully emerge in loving animals and wanting to help them was when I had a lamb that got stuck in a stock tank and almost didn’t make it. I just remember us doing everything we could to save the lamb and we did, I knew at that moment that what I wanted to do was help animals of all kinds.”

Megan really shines best when she is working with cats. She enjoys earning their trust because they are so challenging and picky about the people they let in. Megan has 3 cats of her own, as well as 3 retired cutting horses. Most of her hobbies now include spending time with her beautiful baby girl Aleigh and her husband Brad. She looks forward to teaching her how to love animals just as much as she does.

She still helps out at the Hood County stock show each January, helping teach clover kids how to respect and care for animals, as well as confidence and responsibility.

“Every day is a new day here and I enjoy learning new things and laughing with my coworkers.”