Prevention is key

At Acton Veterinary Group, our goal is to improve your pet’s health and well-being so you can enjoy many more happy years together. That’s why we believe so strongly in the power of preventative care. The best way to keep your companion as healthy and happy as possible is to have a comprehensive pet wellness plan in place, which includes regular physical examinations.

Why Are Pet Wellness Exams Important?

Ana and Murder MittensBi-annual examinations are the foundation of any pet wellness plan. When our highly-trained veterinarians examine your pet on a regular basis, they’re able to gain a better understanding of your pet’s baseline health. Pets age much more rapidly than humans do, which means it’s essential to catch potential problems before they become serious. We need to assess your pet twice per year in order to detect changes as they develop.

The wellness exam includes a complete nose-to-tail assessment. During this exam, our veterinarian thoroughly evaluates the condition of your pet’s health. Your pet’s wellness exam may include the following:

  • Weight check to ensure that your pet is within a healthy range
  • Physical examination of your pet’s eyes, ears, skin, etc.
  • Assessment of your pet’s temperature
  • Evaluation of the teeth and gums to check for signs of dental disease
  • Listen to the heart and lungs
  • Mobility or lameness exam
  • Diagnostic testing, if necessary


Decoding the Chart

Depending on which color category your pet fits into, different diagnostic tests may need to be administered.

GREEN – Every 3-4 Weeks until age 4 months

  • Fecal and Heartworm tests
  • Preventative Care Exam
  • Vaccinations vary by species

YELLOW – Every 12 months

  • Annual Preventative Care Exam
  • Annual Preventative Health Screen including CBC, Chemistry, HW test, and Fecal

RED – Every 6 months

  • Annual Senior Preventative Health Screen including CBC, extended Chemistry, HW Test, Thyroid test, Urinalysis, and Fecal
  • Biannual Health Screening will vary by patient.
  • Biannual Preventative Care Exam

If you have any questions while our vet is conducting your pet’s wellness exam, feel free to ask. We know that well-informed pet owners are the very best pet owners so we’re happy to equip you with the information you need to care for your precious pet.

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