Mollie G.

Client Service Representative


Hello, I'm Mollie, a CSR at AVG Clinic since May 2023, relocating from Fort Worth. My passion for veterinary care was sparked in high school when volunteering at a special needs riding facility, witnessing the profound connection between a therapy horse and an autistic child. This experience ignited my commitment to animal therapy.

With almost 8 months at AVG, I find joy in client relationships, supporting my team, and witnessing patient recoveries. Outside work, my background includes competitive swimming and volunteering at a special needs riding facility. I share my life with three unique dogs—Colt, the spirited Blue Heeler, Partner, the soft-loving Blue Lacey, and June, the forever-puppy-faced Border Collie mix.

Beyond the clinic, I'm an avid National Park enthusiast, recently conquering Guadalupe Mountain in a challenging nine-hour hike—a testament to my determination and love for adventure. Despite my professional demeanor, I embrace quirks like singing random songs. A memorable moment occurred during a confirmation call when a client joined in, finishing the song and complimenting my taste in music—an unexpected source of laughter and connection. In essence, my veterinary journey is fueled by a passion for animal therapy and a commitment to meaningful connections—with both clients and our furry friends.