Heather B.

CVA, Fear Free Certified

Veterinary Technician

badge badge

Heather (AKA Beegee) grew up right here in Granbury with her parents and her sister. She had been at the Morgan Street Animal Hospital for seven years before the doctor purchased the clinic, and we are so glad she decided to stay with the clinic when we bought it.

She has three cats of her own and a dog, as well as a whole flock of chickens. When Beegee was in high school, they were tasked with giving subcutaneous banana injections of food coloring. The teacher at the time was very picky, and Beegee was one of the only two people who could do the injection correctly, so she likes to say that she became a vet tech because of a banana. Her favorite part of working at the clinic would be drawing blood samples for lab work and taking radiographs because it is fun to guess what the doctor will diagnose.

She has a special interest in cats, especially the Morgan Street clinic cat (Niblet), which we refer to as her son. She loves photographing plants and flowers, video games, drawing, and telling jokes.