Rick T.

Technician Assistant

Hello, I'm Rick, currently a Kennel Tech/Tech Assistant since July 2023, with a rich background at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center spanning 9 years. My love for animals led me to this role, where I find fulfillment in caring for and helping creatures who can't help themselves. A highlight from my past includes receiving heartfelt letters from elementary school kids after a memorable tour I guided at Fossil Rim.

Originally from New Orleans and now residing in Granbury for 12 years, family holds great importance in my life. I share my home with Ellie, a unique Chihuahua with a cat-like meow. Beyond work, I enjoy fishing and gambling, with memorable experiences like catching a 6'6" alligator gar in Lake Pontchartrain and hitting a $3,750.00 jackpot in Shreveport. Notably, my time at Fossil Rim also included a unique challenge—getting playfully attacked three times by the same Ostrich named Rosemary. Though her name was Rosemary, my nickname for her may have been a bit less flattering!