Stephanie A.

Client Service Representative

Meet Stephanie, a compassionate receptionist whose journey into the veterinary world began unexpectedly on December 7th. A former cosmetologist, Stephanie sought a career change, finding her true calling at the veterinary clinic where her sister worked. In just one month on the job, she has discovered profound joy in connecting with clients and decoding the silent ailments of furry patients, making her role both professionally fulfilling and personally enriching. Born in Oklahoma and raised in Granbury, [Your Name]'s roots are deeply embedded in the community. Beyond work, her passion extends to a diverse family of pets, each with its own rescue story, showcasing her commitment to animal welfare.

In addition to her role as a receptionist, Stephanie finds solace and joy in hobbies like tending to her yard, engaging in crafts, and spending quality time with her pets and family. Mylee, a 15-year-old dog adopted from a shelter, holds a special place in her heart, embodying the loyalty and joy that animals bring into her life. Stephanie's genuine love for her work and her extended furry family shines through, making her not just a receptionist but a compassionate advocate for animals and a cherished member of her community.